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Parallax  Everyone thought you were Rod and this version is based on the assumption that you are Rod. When it turned out that you weren't Rod it ended because there was no point to it if you weren't Rod. It is kept here mainly for people who are caught in a horrible situation and they can't get out of it because of the lies. For 4 out of 5 of the people trapped in this situation this version has been useful to them but its practically useless to you William Scott Middleton
The Data Mind  People wanted to ruin Rod with the truth and this version does that perfectly, ruin Rod with the truth but when it comes to you it doesn't really help you. The only thing you have in your favor is that you left the United States of America and went home because you were bankrupt, homeless, didn't have a job and just been in prison, what could you do?! Not realising that it actually saved your life for you had no idea just how neck deep in it you were!
Kaliedoscope If you wanted to prove you weren't the fake then this version would do that but that wasn't the problem! The problem was they believed you were a liar and weren't going to listen to anything you had to say because it was probably another lie. When you realise this is how they really felt about you it becomes quite obvious this version wouldn't have helped you but things are different now, it's needed now to undo what was done!
Site Updates Hindsight is an incredible thing, being able to look back at everything when everything is said and done is a gift all of its own as is the case with this version here which is Hindsight! Looking back now everything seems so simple, so easy, so obvious that you could've been forgiven for thinking you were being stupid not seeing it back then when it was really happening!
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At first this one appears pointless until you realise these frauds are designed to give Hayan Ayik an alibi so that he can't be prosecuted for his crimes because he wasn't there at the time of the crime. These frauds have an alternative motive, they are designed to discredit William Scott Middleton so if he ever did come out about what he knew about the "Aussie Cartel" which was absolutely nothing unbeknown to them it would've blown up in his face!
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Brock Lesnar has always been a wildcard in this situation. People don't know whether he is involved in it or not. Brock Lesnar's Kimura Lock was inspired by you apparently and Cody Rhodes was in many ways seen as another you from his perspective. Here's a link to just the Ryback Bully part of it when done in conjunction with the Brock Lesnar video to the left it does give quite an alternative version of what happened.