<< The Parallax >>
Contrary to what you may believe there has always people who wanted you to know the truth and they show themselves here!
Tile 1. The Ryback Bully is a paid actor working for Hunter Labrada but that is none of your business as was the case with Butch Stienle which was also none of your business! Lewis Frost from Phobos Solutions is now Paul Costa from Achilles Tactics and that is none of your business either it's also a paid actor! You were barking up the wrong tree with all of these! Ryan Hughes wasn't doing it to you, he didn't even know you or want to know you to be honest, you were irrelevant unless he is Adrian Alderman and Alex from the Iron Infidel but that is probably a long shot! Matthew Smedley is you and it was done to you deliberately! The world wanted you to leave Arnold Schwarzenegger and go it alone you do have a future in fitness even now but you would never have a future with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In many ways Sammy Salek is you all over again only it's just not Arnold that is doing it to him but it's the same situation. If people thought for a moment you weren't Rodney Ballinger they would've killed you and not thought twice about it. Truth be told, the only reason you are not dead now is because people thought you were Rod and they wanted Rod to suffer before they killed him you would've been shot immediately if they knew what they knew now. 
Tile 2. You have always tried to do the right thing by people and people want to do the right thing by you so people will do what they can although there is not a lot they can do as she has almost wrecked everything for you. If something can be done they reassure you it will be done but it doesn't look good I am afraid almost everything is gone now because of her! When it comes to that woman people don't want to do anything because she didn't do anything and its done in spite of her! As we speak she has been forced to admit the problem is Alex Alderman, he set her up, he told her a whole lot of lies about you to set her up. She sees it now, he did it deliberately to make you look like the problem when you weren't but it's too late now she has lost almost everyone! He is Rodney Ballinger, he has to be, there is no other option, she may be right but the problem is she did the wrong thing by the people and the people want to do the wrong thing by her and don't really care where the problem is any more. She has an up hill battle now fixing this problem, no one wants it fixed now they like things just the way they are and are intent on them staying that way! 
Tile 3.  Adrain Alderman was your so called Navy SEAL team leader and your so called SEAL team feels the same way about you as that woman feels about you which does give credence to the belief Adrain Alderman was the problem when it came to you, all they have is lies. Whether he is the Rodney Ballinger everyone hates remains to be seen but for a lot of people they don't really care whether he is the Rodney Ballinger they are looking for or not now they just want to believe it was her who had done it to them and are not interested in any alternative view to that view. This hasn't changed the way your SEAL team feels about you although it does make their position a lot less tenable knowing he probably did to her what he had done to them, lie about everything. They are in many ways in the same boat as her when it comes to you they were just a lot smarter than her and don't have the same number of enemies but one thing is for certain, the dirty washing is coming out now and people can see things without lies for the very first time. For some it's an exciting time knowing the truth for the first time but there is a lot more who are not interested in this "dirty washing" or this so called truth they are just so over the lies in general and don't care what happened now!
Tile 4. Your so called SEAL team say they don't care about you, they don't care about him either, they will go to their graves now wishing you were both never born, they don't even know what went wrong now. As for that woman, she bought her fate on herself, they don't see anything wrong in what they didn't do, there wasn't much they could do, she wasn't even listening to her closet friends! I didn't recognise him at first, he had gone on some fitness kick, when I was doing that security job at the marines base. I saw Adrain Alderman there almost every night raping someone with his monster cock, he was a regular there unfortunately! Did you know that?! Did you know he was a rapist?! I would bet the farm you knew, you all knew, I would never find out from you though! For what it's worth, I was leaving and going back to Australia, I wanted all of you to know that, this is the reason why I reconnected but I didn't get any of you I got a friend who took the message for me. Did they tell you that or didn't you care?! Do you even know I did try?! You can pick your friends, you can't pick your family, your SEAL team is supposed to be your family but I don't have one obviously! For what it's worth, I hope all his lies ruined all of you like all his lies ruined her!
Tile 5. Adrain Alderman talks of a problem that can't be resolved do you know anything about it?! The problem can be fixed but only by me because it was my fault it happened. I went off with Ben Roberts Smith to Afghanistan with the Australian SAS that should never have happened! It was Adrain Alderman that should've gone to Afghanistan with him not me! This was my first mistake! I was found by a team of marines on a patrol and went back to the United States with them this was my second mistake, they were looking for Adrain Alderman they had got the wrong one when they got me! What was the problem because no one can seem to figure it out?! My life gets mixed up with Adrain Alderman's life and people become so horribly confused over which is which the problem becomes irreversible. So where was the problem when it came to you if this didn't happen?! If I joined the Rangers, Berets, SEALS, then went into the CIA afterwards I would've left the United States and came back to Australia when the Barrett MRAD backfired. I do not meet Ben Roberts Smith at the airport he meets Adrain Alderman instead and he goes to Afghanistan instead of me. You did have a solution to the problem after all?! No, this would only have solved the problem for me by taking me out of the equation!
Tile 6. Did you find out what was happening at that marines base from JAG?! Yes! You entered Australia with a 72 hour transit Visa they supplied?! No, it expired before I reached Australia! What went wrong, why did it expire?! America closed the borders when Saddam Hussein took responsibility for what happened on September 11. Japan refused to deal with the flight of Americans that had entered Japan at the time. They were going to send it back to America as soon as the borders open so they are just going to have to sit there in the airport and wait. In my case the Visa had terminated while I was in Japan and they had to process my application because my Visa had terminated. How did they do that?! They were going to reissue it but not before I had earned it. What did you do to earn it?! I was their Sate. Sate?! Honour is an incredible part of Japanese culture, when a person is dishonoured they have to be Sated this brings an end to the Dishonour. This was my job and the Japanese government made me Sate so many people until Sharli Law stopped it. Then what happened?! I was given my replacement 72 hour transit Visa and sent on to Australia, I arrived in Darwin International Airport a few days later, I had been in Japan for about 3 months.
Tile 7.

After you left the marines base the number of rapes went through the roof and the marine corps were forced to admit that you had done a lot of good while there. In fact, the marines base had to eventually be shutdown because they had became so depraved some of the marines there were caught dealing and doing drugs. There were fight clubs, fuck fests and all sorts of depraved acts of violence that its demise was inevitable. In all due fairness to you this was probably inevitable all you were doing is slowing it down but it was inevitable regardless. You were the only reason why it didn't happen sooner and I guess for that you should be proud since you were the only one keeping a lid on it. Once you were gone the lid flew off it and no one was going to stop it now. It is such a shame your incredible career in the military had such an ignominous ending. But if you were to get your changes to the story this would never have happened because you would never have been there because you didn't go to Afghanistan with Ben Roberts Smith Adrain Alderman did that and he was part of the problem there! With your changes to the story your career in the military ends with a accident with the Barrett MRAD rifle and is in many ways anti-climatic and rather boring. The point is, your solution to this story makes the problem worse because it removes all the fun that was your story and you're hated for it!