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1. How do you explain why the marine corps is adamant it's you that is the marine not Adrain Alderman?!
I have made so many mistakes in this situation that if I could have my time again I would've done everything differently. My first approach to Adrain Alderman was to go him for disrespecting a superior officer and to show the marines why I am a superior to him by doing the same training that Adrain Alderman had done and show him up for his inferority to me because I am serving disabled. The problem was he was never enlisted and I had done the enlistment deliberately knowing it was not possible for me to be a marine to prove a point. At the time it didn't matter, I didn't have a social security number therefore, the enlistment was invalid because I didn't have one. The problem was their system doesn't check the authenticity of the social security number and you could put any number you want in there and the system would treat it as a valid number provided it was a nine digit number. He couldn't do it with my allegiace number, it's too short. He couldn't do it with my bank account number because that is where they're paying my wages and the system spotted that. He used my Centrelink Reference Number (CRN) from Australia as the social security number and it worked too. I had a green card at the time, horrible things they are, but marines can't serve with a Green Card even if they've done the allegiance but the marine corps never saw it, they just didn't care! On so many levels the marine corps just ignores the problem and allows Adrain Alderman to serve when he shouldn't have been there! I go to JAG (Judge Advocate General) in desperation they sympathise with my situation but a court martial isn't possible because he doesn't exist! If he's not enlisted then he can't be disrespecting a superior officer, it's a technicality! JAG can't do a lot here except to get me out of the marine corps because I shouldn't be there either and that would take time because JAG works on a priority system and this isn't a priority. For me I am instructed by JAG to perservere with the sorry situation until they give me a green light at which time I can go immediately without question. It takes eight months to give me that green light since its around Thanksgiving and there is a backlog so I am there for a very long time. 

UPDATE: The social security system in America is being phased out that is why the numbers can't be verified because the social security system in America doesn't exist any more! This is not the marine corps fault, they are using a system of verification that does not exist any more and at the time they hadn't decided what system would replace it so were just assuming the numbers given by the marines at enlistment were valid, they couldn't really know whether they were valid numbers or not! Today, the marines use the Pledge System like the Rangers and Green Berets do unfortunately for you, there is no problem verifying you in that system and you were enlisted and verified by that system! You did the training, you passed, you deserve the title just like anyone else who had done the training and successfully completed it! You earned the title, you were given the title, that is it as far as the marine corps is concerned, stop whining like a little girl, the marine corps didn't fuck you on it!   

2. We understand your point of view but Adrain Alderman doesn't exist it's nothing but a horrible lie. If what you're saying is true Rodney Ballinger is nothing more than a horrible lie too. If its not any of these there is only one person it could have been and it is not you because you didn't have a relationship with her so why would she do it to you?! I know of one woman in the United States that sued me over the rape and murder of her daughter the court dismissed the case I tried to help her but I was too late unfortunately, she had been gang raped and was dead before I arrived! The woman was her mother had gone off the rails apparently and was later committed to an asylum I was told. We know who that women is and it is not that woman but that is the point, you can't be the problem because you don't know the problem but that person can't be the problem either. Now I am curious, why can't that person be the problem?! She is clearly getting involved in something none of her business, how can that not be the problem?! The problem occured while you were in America that woman has never been to America. So why would this person think I am the problem when she got involved?! That there is the million dollar question, why would that woman think you are the problem?! I really couldn't tell you to be honest, it may have been one of the rapists that went to prison because of me, it may have been someone in the prison that hated me, it could've been people from that school, the fitness industry, it could've been anyone! The problem is obvious, you aren't the problem because you don't know about it but this woman is adamant you are the problem. Why would she think that when she doesn't even know me?! It wasn't me who got involved in this situation it was her! She's got some never blaming me for it! That there is where we need your help who do you think did it to her?! I know who my brother thinks it is, if it is the woman I thinking of, I knew my brother spoke to her about it but my brother would've defended me and I him but he didn't know anything neither did she apparently! Who do you think it is then?! I really can't tell you to be honest but then again I mind my own business and don't get involved in these things deliberately! Do you think it could've been your brother?! I can't see how it could be, he doesn't know anything, I know that because we have discussed it! Do you think it's the person your brother thinks it is?! I don't know, I don't know that person and my brother doesn't really know him either! So everyone is in the same boat here, no one knows who did it to her. What about the guy in those videos on the site?! That person was doing it to you, those videos were about you but the problem becomes painfully obvious, you don't get it because it's not about you! That guy is dead now, he had AIDS all of that work was nothing more than a ridiculous waste of time! So what happens now?! Well, nothing happens now. People thought you may have been able to help them but you can't obviously! It all begins with someone like that when it comes to me, this isn't the first time it's happened unfortunately! Respect is something you earn they say while not realising they've lost the respect of just about everyone who knows them. What they've done is so embarrassing they just don't want to be around them any more! There is no point continuing this with you unfortunately, you're nowhere near it!

UPDATE: The guy in the videos is believed to be Luke Schembri, an Australian Bodbuider known to Chanel College (Lovely Banks) as Adam Donati. Corio PS students believe he may have been Michael Grey to them although they can't be certain about it because it was such a long time ago. Whenever it was bought up he would move leaving his clients and employers up in the air because he wouldn't tell them where he went and wouldn't give them any warning either. This happened three times at three different places because this issue had come up and in all three cases he moved away and not dealt with it not telling his clients and employers where he was going and leaving them all up in the air. He did discuss it briefly with a few very close friends who later abandoned him because of what he had done to these people. What he told them was he didn't want to deal with it because of the lies he didn't even know who he was any more because of the lies. He left people with no other choice but to believe he was the problem because there is no one else it could've been. Where Luke came unstuck was that woman eventually returned to Corio she had a problem with that busy body that wrecked everything and in the end they destroyed each other! You stayed put and didn't move away, you weathered the storm, allowed people to come and see you and talk to you about it! People eventually forgot about you because you weren't the problem leaving Luke Schembri the only one left that could be.

3. The woman in question apologises to you, she had been forced into a situation where she had tried but no one passed the message on to you but she did try to reach you! All you have done is confirm what she already suspected, you weren't the problem because it was all alien to you, they did it to her deliberately! She thanks you for your assistance it's quite clear where the problem is, it's all around you, you may want to reconsider moving because they are not your friend they are not helping you, if this was to happen again you would be exactly in the same boat you are now because of the people that live around you. They lie, they make excuses, they tell their people every little thing they can about you all so they have reasons not to approach you, not to talk to you and not to solve the problem they have with you. When you receive this message she will be gone and gone for some time the problem isn't her it is a group of people who by their own reasoning would fix it for someone other than you. The community didn't say that! They want you to know she has the bull by the horns! They didn't lie to you, they never lied to you, if the problem was you then you would know about it because they would've told you! You don't know because it's not your problem! You don't know because it's none of your business! That hasn't changed even now she's gone! You wouldn't have been able to go anywhere in Corio where it would not come up people would bring it up because people wanted to bring it up if you were the problem! They would make problems for you everywhere you went and deliberately so because you were the problem! The problem is not you, the problem was never you, it's not fair to get you involved in something none of your business and none of your concern but she bought her fate on herself by doing that very thing and doing everything the community warned her not to do! The community has no sympathy for her, no sympathy for her whatsoever, she bought her fate on herself when she got involved in it! You did the only thing you could do not get involved! You couldn't do anything about it because you didn't know anything about it! That was deliberate, everyone knew you weren't the problem and you were routed around deliberately! I understand someone lied to her but it's something that comes with territory I am afraid! People just don't care when it comes to me they care so little you could call me a padeophile and they would gossip it to anyone who would listen and don't care whether it's true or not! I am sorry if you didn't know that it sounds like these people do know that and have been down this road before. Take everything they say about me with a grain of salt it's wrong until proven right! I wish people didn't treat me this way it has nothing to do with respect it's been going on for so long now no one wants to stop! Who are these people because it isn't the two schools the two schools are dead and have been for some time. In America they are known as gang bangers, hoods and homies. In prison my job was to deliver messages between them they called me the Postman. Today they want to retire me, I will never deliver a message again and this is how they're doing it! 

UPDATE: After she was gone another person got involved in this situation for no other reason but his own selfish reasons! This person made such a mess of the stituation he had got almost the entire world involved in it by gossiping it to anyone who would listen! While people didn't feel that way about you then they did now because of his meddling in the situation! In fact, that person had made such a mess of the situation in general they not only felt that way about you but they felt that way about each other! This person had actually destroyed the community getting involved in a situation when he should've stayed out of it. You couldn't tell him, he kept going stirring up trouble everywhere he went until he was stopped! Now no one was going to deal with any problem that came up there in Corio where you live and they weren't going to deal with it deliberately, no one had anyone there now! Now everyone felt the same way they felt about you and it was all his fault! All he can do now is apologise to people and try to explain to them it wasn't intentional but people are unforgiving and they hate him twice as much as they hate her now!

4. Navy SEALS were issued with a Casio GShock DW6900 when they first enlist the majority of SEALS I have spoken too hate it although won't tell me why. They would often talk about yours and how yours was cool the one they had was practically useless. What was it with yours and why was yours different?!
I was an operator for Navy SEAL Team 4 and 5 which is the person you hear when you talk into the radio. If its a hot extraction I have to contact the extraction point and tell them. If they have a hostage or hostile I have to tell them that too so they can prepare for their arrival. The team may have been exposed to a disease or may have a member that is ill I have to contact them and tell them about that too so they can prepare. If the team needs to be told about an adjustment to the mission then I have to do that too, that is the job of the operator being the operator for two teams is quite a challenge. From time to time both teams are having problems I am going to have to deal with that and its difficult because there is two of them and only one of me but I did alright, the teams don't hate their operator, this is good news for me but the team's security is paramount and unfortunately for me SEAL teams four and five met their operator and there is no reason why that should ever happen but did because of a security compromise! There may come a time where my position is compromised like in this case and I am instructed to inform each team with a code to alert them that they are going to be alone then the protocol requires me to destroy the location. My Casio GShock DW6900 had a bomb in it so if I needed to destroy myself because I had been compromised then all I had to do was push the G button on my watch it would beep twice quickly then four times slowly then explode but it wasn't strong enough to destroy the facility. If it had the Multiband 6 it would at least have the right time all the time except during Daylight Savings but it didn't have that and only the G button worked on mine. If it was solar powered it would've lasted forever but it didn't have that either unfortunately it really was a disappoiting model from Casio but in their favor it was one of their first. Eventually Casio did release a model that had solar power and the Multiband 6 and I did buy it for sentimental reasons but it was too late for me I wasn't a SEAL any more and it didn't have the same feeling any more! I ended up keeping my bomb watch because SEAL team 5 had found me just after I had blown the location due to a compromise and made me continue with them for the rest of the mission. Later when working the American/Mexican border looking for illegal immigrants I went too far into Mexico and ended up in prison. I don't speak Spanish and I don't know how they do things in Mexico but the problem is there are too many gaps between America and Mexico and sometimes its almost impossible to know which side of the border you are on because there are no markings. I ended up using my bomb watch to get out of the Mexican prison and good thing too I was the only inmate there and my KIT was just outside the door, they weren't letting me out! So I put everything back on and went back over the border this is the first time I have ever talked about that! 

UPDATE: Not every SEAL gets a Casio G-Shock DW6900 when they enlist in the SEALS as is the case with me who got a Fenix 2 instead. I didn't like the band on the Fenix 2 and when I tried to change it the thing that holds the band to the watch it broke off so I didn't have a watch at first. The watch is complimentary they told me that means you only get one and you only get it when you graduate and you only do that once! You may be given a watch as part of your SEAL team but generally speaking that is left up to your team leader to decide and I didn't have one as I was a operator. The Casio G-Shock DW6900 I wore was actually a gift given to me after successfully completing a CIA course. These courses are not generally available to the public you are only permitted the course by a invitation given to you by the CIA in person.