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This is the location of a background image NOT the transparency! This is intended to go underneath the transparency or the text! If you don't want a background image just the transparency or text you can leave this box blank and it will not be used. This box is optional only.

The location of the transparency NOT the background image! This transparency goes over the top of background image! If you don't want a transparency keep the box above blank it's optional! Only PNG and GIF files are transparent JPEG's and WEBP are not transparent. Transparencies
In order for this work, the box above must be left to a value other than "None" and no other transparencies used! If "None" is selected above these transparencies will not be used if a transparency is selected and one of these transparencies is selected these transparencies will not be shown, one transparency only! 
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A good source of backgrounds (wallpapers) online is A good source of transparencies online is